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My name is Gil, I am proud to have created this website in English for my wife Izys. She is a psychic in Europe for more than 35 years. We already have a website opened in France for over 20 years, called  www.izysvoyance.com.     I am a French American citizen. During your readings whether its by E-mail, Skype or Phone, I will be next to her in order to translate word to word the reading for you. Izys is a Pure Psychic, she was involved into globalist predictions through press articles, she announced on TV the war of Iraq. She has collaborated on cases of disappearances of Children in particular the case of C. Provencher (Canada, Quebec – Trois Rivières). Then, the Lucie entity, a deceased young girl, comes into contact with Izys in the form of an intermediate transe in Lourdes (France), comunicates to her one week before the event of the Terrible Storm of the Century in Europe in December 1999, announcing : “Water will clean, purify and kill”. Then Lucie show her the devastating storm. A second apparition of Lucie will inform Izys of the terrible Tsunami in South East Asia in December 2004. For your readings, Izys reacts to the vibrations of your voice, regardless of your native language. The sound of your voice gives her Flashes. She also has the possibility of returning in touch with your deceased.


Izys was tested and selected by aufeminin.com

On TV in France : In the broadcast ” It is my choice”, “Bas les Masques”, “Le Mag de l’Info”

L’Hôtel du Palais (Four Season’s) in Biarritz (South West of France, Bay of Biscayne) in a event “Clairvoyance showbiz” with celebrities animated by Eric Soreau fron RFM Radio Biarritz

The Large Department Store in France “Les Galeries Lafayette”

vibrated of “One thousand and a flash” – Izys’s Exhibition –

“3 Days of the Clairvoyance”

The Casinos of the seaside ” At time of the clairvoyance ”

RFM Radio Biarritz, Radio France

The column “The Visions of Izys” in the magazine ASTROMAG, The Newspaper of Tomorrow.

Izys announced

The Storm in France in December 1999, The Tsunami in South East Asia in 2004, Lourdes (France) under waters.

Lucie, a little girl who appears to Izys to warn her, delivers her this message in Lourdes (France):


LUCIE had already appeared one week before the Tsunami of the century in 2004 in South East Asia





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E-Mail : izysvoyance@gmail.com

I do not ask any question, simply your First Name and Date of Birth

I work with a sheet of paper and a pen “in pure psychic”

“The Reading Guide Magazine”

Izys, it is the mediumship in the pure state, we have received many testimonies concerning it.
This medium is known for its extrasensory capacities, it engages in experiments by regularly launching itself in globalist predictions through press articles.
She provides conferences around the world.

“Le Journal de Demain” (Magazine)

Izys undertook profiling experiments and test consultations on the Laboratory tomorrow’s journal
The Official Clairvoyance Magazine

“Le Mag de Toulouse” (France) Magazine has tested and selected Izys among the best Psychics.

Lucie (Dear missing) contacted Izys a few days before the Storm of the Century and the Tsunami in Indonesia
The Ocean (Mother Earth) simmered us an end of the century that no one on this planet had seen coming!

Maybe we are not the all-powerful on this planet, with our materialistic human powers, maybe there is another world that our human eyes cannot visualize and yet it does exist.

I see it in extrasensory experiments – those that you call the dead, the deceased – are alive and it is a dead person, an entity that came to give me this message just a few days before this exceptional storm, and then Came again just before the tsunami in South East Asia.

We contacted at the time the newspaper Sud Ouest and some media, a Press Conference was held in Biarritz ….

It is through the sharing and love of others that we open doors that can repair the mistakes that man has committed.

My prophetic book DAUGHTER OF SILENCE flies over the path of the beings of Light inhabited by something other than power, these men and women have become aware of the true wealth (which are not money, gold) But sharing with our brothers and sisters, to try to open doors other than those of the darkness and finally try to protect the weakest : Children, the elderly and those we call “disabled.” By the Psychic I am currently capturing too much distress, too much despair.

It is through meditation, luminous and constructive thought that we can still transform everything because these Princes and Princesses are not very far, and they help us by their vibrations yes I believe that the wheel will turn ….

It is through this Spirit of Love that we may be able to change things in order to build a different world for our children!

The Journal of Tomorrow (“The Reading Guide Magazine”)

Type in: IZYS and learn about some “disappearance profiling” files … and global predictions

No tongues of wood, just a woman speaking and sharing with her brothers and sisters on our planet Mother Earth