Disappearances Cases

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Disappearances Cases

Here are some cases of disappearances on which Izys worked

Disappearance of little Aymeric

Registered on April 11, 2002 on the Laboratory Site the Journal of Tomorrow
“The child has died for 8 days. The body will be found in its region: I see the sand, the sea.
“They tell me he’ll be found Saturday …”
I see many cranes, stones, a construction site, seaside

Media April 15, 2002 – Aymeric’s body was found Saturday afternoon at the foot of a cliff, beach 200 meters from the port of Fecamp, in an area closed to the public due to landslides …



“I think that at birth we are all endowed with this form of perception; Some will develop it to the maximum in relation to their life path, others will not. ”
It is not a philosopher who speaks, but a clairvoyant. Izys , has gifts and she exploits them, reading in the future. But unlike others, she did not “fall from the back” when she was small. Izys, she began to have visions 25 years ago. Since then she has made it her job. And business goes well!


Tonight Friday, and tomorrow Saturday, Izys  installs her crystal ball at Dieppe Casino. For two “representations”. No question for her to reveal who will win the legislative elections in Dieppe in eight days. She comes to talk about her art, clairvoyance. The most curious, those who want to know what will be made their future will be able to consult it in private, in the salons of the hotel of the casino. Attention, it’s not free!

To her guests, Izys  will explain how she got there. How, remotely (and by telephone)  she translates the vibrations of the voice of its consultants. “The vibrations of the voice are a vector to pass from the visible to the invisible, from the finite to the infinite, from the concrete to the abstract. There are so many mysteries behind these vibrations … ”


French-Algerian,  Izys  was “deeply marked” by her paternal grandmother who practiced a form of divinatory art and spiritual healing. “But nothing predestined me to follow the path of my ancestors,” she confesses. Until 1989, when Izys had these “very precise flashes” warning him of the death of his father and his sister Yasmine. Since then she has written a “novel truth”: Daughter of Silence.

Recognized internationally, Izys  has earned a solid reputation in the political, press and entertainment world. Had she not predicted the historic storm of 26 December 1999 or the attack on the towers of the World Trade Center in New York?

Closer to home, the clairvoyant participated last April in the search of the little Aymeric, 10 years old, missing in the region of Bolbec. The lifeless body of the child, whose mother had committed suicide, had been found at the foot of a cliff at Fecamp.


Disappearance of Corinne Samaille

Registered August 16, 2001 on the Laboratory Le Journal de Demain

Corinne was alone at the time of the accident, she had previously left her vehicle, to pace paths, a little bushy area with trees.

Then I see that the stone, finally the rocks.
Corinne slips, the ground is damp, down a ditch …
I see a bushy area, trees, birds, yes I hear birds.
I see an accident during a hike, climbing.

I say that we will find the girl thanks to her car, which we will find first …
Found on 19/08/2001 at the foot of a cliff of rocks, after a fall of 40 meters.

It is the discovery of his car in a car park of this city that led the Police to the scene of her climbing.

The body of Corinne Samaille was found about 40 meters from the top in a small bunch of trees, on this site of climbing:

The Giant Castle in St Guilhem The Desert
… Incredible resemblance between the place and the perception of Izys ….


The case of Karine Shaaf, in Bitches (Moselle – France -) disappeared Sunday 22/07/2001

Recorded on the laboratory the newspaper of tomorrow (L’officiel de la voyance) July 27, 2001 at 11H00
From the beginning I have seen the German border territory, a military zone or something linked to military.

They talk to me about Wednesday: something decisive is produced this day.
I am told about sexual abuse of the girl.

I see the face and neck swollen (I wish to be wrong)
I am in a very humid region, the water must be very close, there are many trees … I repeat it is said to me: Military area
They talk to me about something that is imposed, at least two people, including one that does not seem to agree and could move things forward.

Once again if we had maps of the state to locate the sites precisely everything would be simpler:
North-West in relation to Bitche or the border area …
Deadline: Wednesday

MEDIAS 02/08/2001 FR3 TV
The investigation is moving on today July 27.
The Police had already located the body near the military camp.
A body partly burnt was retrieved, Thursday, August 2, 2001 in the forest of Moutterhouse, near Bitche (Moselle -France-) ……Then the body had been burnt with gasoline.


Disappearance of the little Larbi 11 years old (Bordeaux)

Registered December 13, 2001 on the Laboratory of Tomorrow
The night of Wednesday 12 to Thursday 13December 2001
“They talk to me” about sexual abuse. I see his swollen eyes, traces and tumefactions on his body …

His body was changed place, I visualized a place a little isolated, I feel, I see a waste dump I see inside the leaf bucket, trees, yes… I smell a wood smell …!

I see a path on the outskirts of a forest, of land, a lot of damp ground and clumps of stones.
On the 14th of December 01 … I also see a building or an HLM

MEDIA: Alerted by the discovery of the body the police go to the scene in a wasteland, in a rubbish dump next to the Residence area where lived the small one, the waste dump next to which was discovered the body was destined to receive rubble And vegetable waste.
The face is marked by hematomas, bruses …