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Spiritual Encounters

Meeting with Lucie

One of the greatest moments of my life …
Living in the south-west I have many times come to meditate in Lourdes (France) near the cave where the Blessed Virgin appeared. It seems that everything is written and that the people we have to meet , meet, and sometimes without provoking things, that is how I experienced this wonderful encounter
I was there in the middle of meditation at this place where I had already appeared this young woman (young entity) named Lucie who had announced the storm of 1999 to me saying you will be protected and she added:

The water will Cleanse, Purify , Kill.

Then a second time this entity appeared to me always announcing: you will be protected, the water will cleanse purify kill – and she added you will be protected above Clermont Ferrand (France).

Meeting The Dalaï Lama in Lourdes (France)

On this earth there are so many wonderful and extraordinary people that we will never talk about
I want to share with you this great moment of unique happiness:
The words I miss to talk to you about this unique moment and “not calculated” I said he was there with all his team and his security , He stretched out my hand, I advanced towards him like remote guided, big tears quickly Inundated my face, for I felt an intense vibration between this very visionary man and me this little grain of sand in humanity.
Since I advance on my way of life by telling myself you have this unique protection of this great gentleman, this monument of love and benevolence ….