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“Fille du Silence”

Written By Izys-Malika Bourekh

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Our opinion: Izys-Malika Bourekh tells us a story that could be his. Between novel and autobiography, she retraces the path that led her heroine to accept to explore her gifts of clairvoyance. A veritable testimony to the richness of the double cultural affiliation, “The daughter of silence” puts at the heart of history all the different kinds of love.

Summary: “If you are not afraid to reverse the Oriental reading, if you do not have your heart upside down, let yourself be wrapped and carried by the scribbling of an uprooted crack.” Soraya was born from a French mother and an Algerian father. From adolescence to the discovery of femininity, she constantly tries to find her place, defending the cause of women, in France as in Algeria. In her journey, which will be marked by dramas ravaging her native land and Israel, she is gradually becoming aware of this particular gift she possesses: she is more and more overwhelmed by visions.