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IZYS mainly participates in programs that vibrationally speak to herself, and not to make the show.

BAS LES MASQUES Famous show animated by Mireille Dumas “I was born in the skin of someone else”
THE INFORMATION MAGAZINE “Different children …”
THIS IS MY CHOICE “Special 2003 Predictions”


Some extracts from the French written press. …… “Many files will arrive on the site when the time comes, others will remain forever protected”

TO KNOW: Izys has been collaborating for more than twenty years on disappearances by privileging children (graceful work) – alas certain cases will remain forever “closed” – But as time passes I pledge to open some:

Journal Républicain Lorrain le 23/04/2006


Izys , alias “the medium Izys” concentrates her activity around scenes of crimes.
A profiler who sees and smells evil!
Back in the East, her native land, of father Kabyle and of French mother, Izys was raised in a universe full of mysteries. Her paternal grandmother practiced a form of divinatory art, spiritual healing. Nothing, until then, predestined her to follow the path of her ancestors. In 1989, Izys was overwhelmed by flashes announcing the death of her loved ones. Images that will be confirmed very soon after. Izys then tries to accept these visions with evil.

Later, she left Lorraine to move to Biarritz where she held a position of assistant to the first magistrate of the commune. She meets a parapsychologist, marry him. Together, they work their gifts and announce, in spite of the disorder and the fear generated by such faculties, events that will mark the life of the people. To authenticate these messages, Izys will lend itself to a game with the media or in 1999, she will announce before the audience the election of Michèle Alliot-Marie to the head of the RPR, the terrible storm of December …

Until then, Izys is a medium like the others. The following year, other atrocities came to mind. She sees children being abused by adults, hidden cadavers … Various facts that defray the chronicle. Shocked, she talks about it to her police friends. Some take it high, others say that it can put its skills at the service of investigations. This is how Malika becomes an unofficial “profiler”, since this profession has no legal existence in France.

“Mentalities are changing, languages are loosening, but alas we are still in the Stone Age concerning the protection of our children”
Her new battle horse for which she does not ask for money.

From the clothes of missing persons, photographs, touching a wall, penetrating a room, the parapsychologist feels and perceives and allows the police to advance in their investigations.
We mediums are beings who vibrate essentially through emotion, sensitivity, away from material. The key is to find a solution to destroy those hateful vibrations that are propelled into space by all these criminals. ”

Journal Marianne from 09/03/2005

Between self-proclaimed scientific astrologers, clairvoyants who use astrology as a medium … difficult to grant them any credibility, with the possible exception of the medium Izys  who predicts that “some will continue to vibrate essentially lulled by profit . ”
Anxious disappearance of Elisabeth Alem-Raqin, resident Villefranche-de-Rouergue
“Investigated” from these elements alone, then a picture of the disappeared ….

News June 20, 2002

Anxiously disappeared by Elizabeth Alem-Raqin, a resident of Villefranche-de-Rouergue, described as “a discreet woman,” a very nice person”
Very open, “52, mother of three children, apparently pending divorce, executive
To the departmental management of La Poste
(Management of the real estate of La Poste in Aveyron). Facts such as in the press:

On June 13, at 9 am, Elisabeth Alem-Raqin, her home in Villefranche, took her official car, a Renault Clio in the colors of La Poste, to Rodez, her workplace located 55 km away.
She never got there.
“A punctual and very professional person”, her colleagues give the alarm, then her family.
As the criminal track was part of the possible assumptions, a judicial inquiry was opened
For kidnapping and sequestration (?).

Thursday around 2 pm:
Her official car is found locked, parked not far from the station of Toulouse.
The first findings made would have revealed nothing: no letter or document left by the disappeared, no suspicious tasks …
The gendarmes thus explore several tracks – including that of a fugue – to try to explain this mysterious disappearance.

From lzys:
Registered on June 25, 2002 on the site Laboratory: L’Officiel de la Voyance (the newspaper of tomorrow)
“The person was in danger, around the last lunar movement.”
We’ll find her: They talk to me about the land, a rather deserted place. I see, around, fields, a little trees, more wooded, a sort of farm, and equipment for agriculture. I see a man with a mustache, close to her, I also see the universe of hunting (?).

They talk to me about a contract, something that is hidden;
Then I see matter, property, a rather isolated house
Or who has not lived for a long time, it must often be empty (?)
I am pessimist. (* Tuesday 11 June, the effect lasts at least three days … 14 and 15 June) ‘
(The terms “deceased” and “recovered his body”, from the original transmission, had only been transmitted to the authentifiers to soften) the words D ‘Izys recorded on 26 June 02:

IZYS: “I worked on the photo … I am told about an influence of the lunar movement (the last one) on an act of violence of which it was victim.
I can not feel the vibrations in the picture, was Elisabeth in treatment for a depression?

– I feel this person in another dimension, so she died.
– I felt the death already three days ago from the moment I worked on the picture received.
I remain skeptical about everything, except on his death.

Top Stories
“Brother’s overwhelming revelations
Of Elisabeth Amem-Raquin:

The murder of my sister was premeditated. We learn that EA.-R. Wanted to denounce her husband to the tax authorities. During 22 years of marriage, Meidhi Alem (The first name of the husband who confessed to the assassination begins with an “M”) would have lived his wife’s largesse without ever working.
E.A.-R. Would have discovered that he had hidden revenues of about 20,000 F / month. Now, he only accepted the divorce if E.A.-R. Assumed the costs of lawyers and paid her compensation. Blackmail.

Bernard Raquin confides his precognition:
The day of his disappearance, Wednesday June 12, between 8 am and 9:30 am, a terrible discomfort hugged him. This phenomenon he had already felt at the time when one of his brothers had died. The autopsy may confirm the timing of the assassination of EA.-R.

Review predictions …
What were the mysterious activities of the husband:
The medical or paramedical field?
A sort of sect or a philosophical grouping? Hospitals? The traffic of art objects? The world of hunting?
Updated July 3rd, and … the 6th:
An article in “La dépêche du Midi” (which also investigates) …

31 May 2002 –

“I think that at birth we are all endowed with this form of perception; Some will develop it to the maximum in relation to their life path, others will not. ”
It is not a philosopher who speaks, but a clairvoyant. Izys, has gifts and she exploits them, reading in the future. But unlike others, she did not “fall from the back” when she was small. Izys, she began to have visions a decade ago. Since then she has made it her job. And business goes well!


Tonight Friday, and tomorrow Saturday, Izys installs her crystal ball at Dieppe Casino. For two “representations”. No question for her to reveal who will win the legislative elections in Dieppe in eight days. She comes to talk about her art, clairvoyance. The most curious, those who want to know what will be made their future will be able to consult it in private, in the salons of the hotel of the casino. Attention, it’s not free!
To her guests, Izys will explain how she got there. How, remotely (and by telephone) it translates the vibrations of the voice of its consultants. “The vibrations of the voice are a vector to pass from the visible to the invisible, from the finite to the infinite, from the concrete to the abstract. There are so many mysteries behind these vibrations … ”


Franco-Algerian, Izys was “deeply marked” by her paternal grandmother who practiced a form of divinatory art and spiritual healing. “But nothing predestined me to follow the path of my ancestors,” she confessed. Until that day of 1989 when Izys had these “very precise flashes” warning her of the death of her father and her sister Yasmine. Since then she has written a “novel truth”: Daughter of Silence.
Recognized internationally, Izys has earned a solid reputation in the political, press and entertainment world. Had she not predicted the historic storm of 26 December 1999 or the attack on the towers of the World Trade Center in New York?
Closer to home, the clairvoyant participated last April in the search of the little Aymeric, 10 years old, missing in the region of Bolbec. The lifeless body of the child, whose mother had committed suicide, had been found at the foot of a cliff at Fecamp.

Magazine Paris Match – February 2002 –

Far from the Enron affair, the other “problem” of George Bush (and Americans), Ben Laden, is in Iraq.
It is at least the almost unanimous opinion of the mediums questioned by the “official of the clairvoyance.”
Bin Laden is in Iraq. He did not say his last word and will make much talk about him. We have not seen anything yet, “says IZYS.
It is forbidden to smile: according to the Sunday Times, the C.I.A would also use seers to try to spot the terrorist. and

Visions recorded on the LOV site on 29 September 2001


“I see 4 or 5 people, men walking with a hurried step, a suicide commando!
They are preparing to commit acts on Paris …
I think they will be intercepted: I see a sidewalk, with buildings rather of old styles, not far from this place a place, and finally a flatter place.
I am told that it is already organized, are they already on the site ??? Then I see communications by radio …
THE PRESS: EUROPE 1 “The news” of 6 October 2001: The anti-terrorist forces arrested 4 people yesterday in Paris who reportedly planned an action at the Stade de France, documents and weapons were seized …

ASTROMAG Magazine – July 2001

19/07/2001, Izys announced the imminent arrival of murderous attacks carried out by suicide commandos.
Izys, our collaborator at ASTROMAG had once again declared publicly what was going to happen
At that time nobody thought it would happen.
Recorded on 19/07/2001, the Izys declaration concerned tensions with the Arab countries and the possibility of breaking certain agreements (Izys was thinking about oil).
She announced the imminent arrival of murderous attacks carried out through suicidal commandos.
Izys said: “I am convinced that it is not just a nebulous ideological and religious fanatics, fueling terrorism in the world
“I think that at birth we are all endowed with this form of perception; Some will develop it to the maximum in relation to their way of life, others will not. ”
It is not a philosopher who speaks, but a clairvoyant!
Had she not predicted the historic storm of 26 December 1999 or the attack on the towers of the World Trade Center in New York?


After having started to make my mark in France during my various experiments: vibratory study of certain places, clairvoyance in front of the public, collaboration on unsolved surveys, I collaborated in a laboratory site (which at the time I believe Was unique) this site was called the officialvoyance (became tomorrow’s newspaper), so I was working at the time mainly on profiling files: a person disappeared adult or child and the whole team of the site worked on this file – We had to do very quickly and try not to let ourselves be eaten by what we heard in the media. I think this site put me on track and helped me not to derail, because these experiences are like a school and not just any school.

Then I worked on the magazine Les Visions d’Izys “in the magazine ASTROMAG, a magazine published in Nice and distributed in Francophone countries, in the bookshops of the Press. Then other magazines proposed to me to create a section profiling for them ….
Then Radios: RFM Biarritz, Radio France invited me to explain the progress of my work on unsolved inquiries, disappearances …