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Izys hopes and wants to believe in a better world.
She fights every day for the application of human rights and children in particular.

She wants to make the citizens of this land understand that today’s society can survive only through sharing, mutual aid and solidarity. It denounces all forms of violence against children and the weakest, denounces the proliferation of “false prophets”, sects and their abuses, but also the great poverty that is now hitting our doors. Increasing inequalities have been occurring for many years, well before the current media coverage.

She continues to fight to ensure that the practice of her profession is recognized within the framework of rigorous legislation.
She hopes and priorities are the fight against slavery, the prostitution of children for which it offers her services.


Many do not want to hear about it and see them as illuminated or charlatans. Others, however, whether in the world of business, entertainment or politics, undertake nothing without consulting them. These intermediaries between the world of the living and the spirit world intrigue, but do not leave indifferent to those who meet them.

Izys was born in eastern France from a Kabyle father and a French mother.

Its double origins have profoundly marked it. His paternal grandmother practiced a form of divinatory art and spiritual healing, in the region of Tizi Rached in Kabylia (Algeria). Yet, until 1989, Izys is not predestined to follow the path of her ancestors.

Her psychic abilities are revealed by very precise flashes warning her of the death of her loved ones: she sees her father accompanied by her sister Yasmine leave for the great journey. He leaves her a powerful spiritual message that she tries to share with us through her truth novel: Daughter of Silence. His father and sister Yasmine died shortly after this vision. Izys has the same visions when her maternal grandmother dies. In the following years, his mediumistic abilities were confirmed. While trying to accept her visions, Izys has her feet firmly rooted on the ground.

The chance of life led her to Biarritz, where she worked as an assistant to Mr Bernard Marie, former deputy mayor of Biarritz, in the association for the economic and cultural development of the Basque Country
In 1992, and in accordance with a prediction made by Michele Lemercier, famous medium, she met a communication counselor, also parapsychologist and marry him.

It is he who will push her to work her visions and especially to accept them despite the trouble and the fear that they can engender. She exercises her art with the vibrations of the voice on the telephone, developing a technique that has since been taken over by many professionals, she also works with the vibrations of stones: capturing the history of certain places loaded, she decides to offer graciously His services to try to collaborate on certain disappearances of children … A new destiny then opens before Izys and his fame quickly becomes international. Many personalities call on his services and come to consult him in the office or through the telephone.

She participated in the drafting of a bill on the regulation of parapsychological professions because the absence of regulation allowed too many abuses through the professions and associations called “Parapsy”

She is working closely with regional and governmental bodies on this bill.

In vain she solicited scientific tests of mediumship from the Odier Foundation (Switzerland), Yves Lignon from Le Mirail University (Toulouse), Duke University in Princeton (U.S.A)

She also participated in the Academy of Professionals of the Office of the Official of the officieldelavoyance  to register her visions and to work as a team on the tests consultations, that is when she begins her work of profiling, Mainly on disappearances of children.

In order to authenticate her visions, in 1999 she decided to meet the press and announce the following flashes without any support:

– Election of Mrs Michèle Alliot-Marie as President of the RPR
– The storm of 27 December 1999
– The Congress of European Heads of State: specifying the place of reception and the month

Izys will conclude this press conference by saying: “The planet is charged with increasingly heavy vibrations, water will kill, water will purify, many natural manifestations are to be expected, the consciousness of man must transform!